Evolo Scedule and Deadlines

Registration fees

Early registration until Nov 17, 2009 US$60

Late registration by January 12, 2010 US$85

One registration = one project

(Can submit various projects, but must register each entry)

Can be individual or as teams


  • June 15, 2009 : Competition announcement, registration begins, acceptance of questions
  • November 9, 2009 : Deadline for submitting questions
  • November 17, 2009 : Early registration deadline
  • Nov 23, 2009 : Answers to questions posted on website
  • January 12, 2010 : Late registration deadline
  • January 18, 2010 : Project submission deadline
  • February 22, 2010 : Winners announcement

Submission requirements

Submit proposals via email before January 18, 2010 (23:00 hours US Eastern Time) :


The submission must contain:

  • Two boards (with plans, sections, perspectives and any other information considered necessary to explain the proposal)
    • The boards should be 24″ x 48″ in HORIZONTAL format.
    • Resolution must be 150 dpi.
    • RGB mode and saves as JPG files.
    • Participation number at the upper right corner of each board.
    • There should be no marks or any other form of identification
    • Files named after the registration number followed by board number:
      • 0101-1.jpg and 0101-2.jpg
  • A DOC file containing the entrants personal information including name, profession, address and email. The file  must be named after the registration number followed by the word “info”
    • eg: 0101-info.doc
  • All the files must be placed in a ZIP folder named after the registration number. Example: 0101.zip

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