Interim1 Feedback


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  1. Is it about density?
  2. How did it reach from low density to high density?
  3. What were the social contexts involved? Family sizes?
  4. How does it expand? Structurally, Spatially, Envelope, peripherals
  5. Identify Personalities
  6. Physical expansion is difficult to achieve
  7. Project by  SANAA in Tokyo: walk through courtyards
  8. How can this be applied in high rise?



  1. more background research
  2. define the performance, scope


  1. Define programmatic functions
  2. look at available technology
  1. What scale: micro fibers?
  2. materials and relevance to context
  3. programmatic criteria and choice
  4. precedents: what are the important stimuli for the tropics



  1. Terminology unclear
  2. Take isolation to the extreme


  1. What are the simulation tools?
  2. Clarify criteria of focus


  1. Arena too big
  2. ‘ecology’ is interesting
  3. Rem Koolhaas extreme consumerism
  4. Phone: future ideologies
  5. home must be human guided not technology
  6. Brazil Movie


  1. existing examples of rejecting technology



  1. Program is clear
  2. What are the simulation tools and where do they come in
  3. What are the criteria (layers,visibility, public space)
  4. Vertical Connections
  5. define sense of security


  1. Village defined by mass
  2. mass housing:sections
    1. layers
    2. spaces, voids
    3. private/public
    4. circulation
  3. research mass housing: how it can be translated in china
  4. Smell boundaries: is it possible?
    1. migration of people, different foods
  5. Bigger context: expansion, social
  6. Local habits: whats ideal whats not


  1. Clear context issue
  2. Personal views and values
  3. highrise issue: migration or vertical intensification or new high rise basead on villages?
  4. Notion of what a village is, is it morphological or sociological?
  5. advantages of urbanization
  6. the disadvantage of increasing isolation
  7. look at postwar london experiments
    1. economic context
    2. corners start crimes with poor neighborhoods
  8. wall city HK
    1. destroyed
    2. self organised
    3. no police
    4. public
  9. Prefab? Design system?
  10. Modular? framework
  11. Social parameters


  1. Holistic issues
  2. Whats the particular focus and direction in terms of simulation
  3. section, views sounds?
  4. might be rules which guide the social behaviour

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  1. hey thanks for the notes its very helpful …. haha we are sorry austen its just too early ur presentation

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