Interim debrief and followup

General Comments


  • Research
  • Precedents


  • How do you evaluate the options and decide which one is best


  • Realities of site, construction


  • Determine extremes and push

Individual Comments


  1. Very clear presentation
  2. precedents:
    1. cities like Tokyo, Frankfurt
    2. Richard rogers map
    3. Louis Khans Philadelphia
    4. fosters city
    5. Mongkok: HongKong
  3. Scale
  4. Rather than doing building design piece of network
  5. New things in exiting structures
  6. Planning in an abstract scale then junp into detailed design scale (movie frames?)


  1. Does low rise high density work?
  2. high density + high identity
    1. time-growth-change
  3. Paris: more dense than Shanghai (was it?)
  4. Sejima Project Tokyo
  5. 3d space: Lego, jigsaw
  6. Habraken (architect)
  7. Digital allows more details tobe handled: can be used to change the way land is sold?


  1. leeds..(and others) how do they measure criteria?
  2. Esplanade skin: Niki
  3. Re skinning
  4. Dhoby Gaut – SCDA (ask austen)
  5. DNI pressure?


  1. What is it about the phone thats architectural?
  2. Connectivity vs Isolation
  3. Where does simulation fit in?
  4. New forms of spatial connectivity?
  5. How can the different functions provided by phone be translated into a spatial context? speed dial…different modes (silent, vibrate)
  6. How to tackle the isolation? by breaking physical boundaries?


  1. Family issues?
  2. Hierarchical cells
  3. Family cells vs neighbor cells
  4. What will be simulated, and evaluated?
  5. Instead of breaking down boundaries, creating a boundary around an optimum number of cells?
  6. Instead of vertical stacking of families, an intertwined one…

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