Figure ground study of low-rise apartment block arrangement

Did a rough study on the possibility of overall arrangement. the difference between 4 storey, 5 storey and 6 storey on a 1 hectare (10 000m2) piece of land. It seems like 5 storey seems to be a better choice to meet the density requirement and at the same time provide interesting spatial quality. Particularly the option with 9 main courtyard of 22m by 22m. The depth of the blocks are varied to see the implication of the depth on the overall layout.The next step would be to do sectional studies and 3d studies on the various options and to pick a site. Currently, I am studying punggol to see if there is any suitable site . Feel free to comment.



4 responses to “Figure ground study of low-rise apartment block arrangement

  1. hey, i think ur image size too big, take a very long time to load… can reduce it?

  2. wonderin which criteria would help u decide among these.. maybe even juxtapose a few of em.,.

  3. 2nd model of 5th storey looks more feasible.. You should focus on the maximising of views, daylighting and ventilation as well. Try to avoid awkward left over spaces that does not really serve any purpose. haha.

    try putting it on site and simulate, you might end up breaking the square further, which might not be a bad idea =)

  4. Yup in the process of putting it on site. With more site constraint coming in the layout will morph accordingly , for all u know 5 storey 2nd option and last option might not even be a good layout for particular site

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