Rule base approach try out

This is my first try out using rule base approach. Its still very immature and kind of sloppy , still working on it. Please comment and criticise so I can learn more about it.

1 yellow circles= 1  3 room unit

2 green cirlces= 1 4 room unit

3 blue circles= 1 5 room unt

black circle = core

The first row of changes is the modules are changing according to the pecentage of crossover between 3 room , 4 room and 5 room module.

In the second row, a new rule is added where the unoccupied space needs to be at least 3 grids and cannot be isolated one grid.

In the third row, a new rule is added that each module needs to be connected to a core.


5 responses to “Rule base approach try out

  1. good start, just wonderin how u come up with the rules…

  2. Oh thanks, I am really insecure about this man …. haha ….. firstly the interchange between the modules was picked up from a HDB survey on the mobility of the users in between 3,4,5 room flats….. secondly the next rule is to ensure that the unoccupied area maybe needs to be big enuf to accomodate some kind of communal activities ….. and lastly the core would be for structural purpose circulation and M&E …. Make sense ? What would u think would be the next step ?

    • how about what i mention before? like how the one room become two room, rather than one sphere which change color, another sphere can be added, then add it to wat u have now. so instead of changin color, another sphere is added. then where the sphere added also depends on the core right, where would the sphere be attached. then u start havin a more spatial and three dimensional visual of wats goin on. one simple step maybe to take the 2d grid and transformation u have, then do the same at different levels, a series of these 2d grids on top of each other…hope that helps

  3. That could be something interesting , it increase the complexity of the grid but adding on layers, can they expand upwards ….. ya i think i need to zoom down to each module too , under wat conditions will they expand or subtract ? Talk to paul today he explain to me about some idea of CA. Could be applied to this maybe …. still thinking about it

  4. wait let me ask about the one room become 2 room , so u mean a more accurate representation of each unit ? as in 3 room flats is made up of 1 living room 2 bedroom and a kitchen ? and see how they transit within the 3,4 ,5 room modules ?

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