problems with houdini

hey you guys.. i cant seem to open the city 2 and city 3 files… have you guys tried? is it ok?

another thing, i cant seem to export animations from houdini, is it something to do with the non-commercial version??


3 responses to “problems with houdini

  1. The animation never tried that function before, maybe will check it out soon

  2. city 2 and city 3 works fine for me. did u put all the files in the same folder ? cause the .otl and .hipnc needs to be in the same folder to read each other. And i think apprentice shld be able to do animation cause its stated that the commercial and none commercial have the same function except the fbx exporter. Watch some of the animation videos to know the function better ?

  3. HAHA
    i found out whats going on… its a view thing, its there but i dunno whether is my computer laggy or what… when i pan ard it flashes and dissappears…

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