Interesting Image


4 responses to “Interesting Image

  1. that is interesting, but like to see it applied as a volume…
    now its applied 2d and extruded?
    looks promising though…haha

  2. ya 2d and extruded , ya it will get quite complex if it has a 3d grid, but the access and m&e seems to be a major constraint if such organic growth is to be achieved. there is quite a few weird corners too, the rules will have to ensure such thing shld not happen , i guess that wat distinct it from a slum.

  3. well nowadays many developments have very flexible underlying m&e systems that can accommodate change going on above. Almost like a plug and play building…
    haha you got your special topic there…

  4. ya the construction and m&e will be a good special topics to look at, u know wat systems they are called ?

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