first generated result

this is the first attempt at generating a informal settlement, with 10 specific rules. Alot of flaws that needs to be corrected. the upper storeys can be generated with similar rules.

100 household unit

sphere= entrance to house

first generated result

5 storeys with the same rule


2 responses to “first generated result

  1. nice, maybe try to simple pilotis? rightnow looks floating… is there a mimum n maximum area ? what are the spheres representing?

  2. ya the upper storey ones still have no relationship with the lower stories one, still figuring out the procedure of weaving in the generation of storeys. Its a technical thing , shld be able to solve it soon. But the rule and logic is more or less coded already.

    There is in the image its fullfilling the maximum density of 500 units, however i am still unable to specifically pinpoint a particular dwelling unit. As CA is not very good with handling global attributes.

    the sphere represent the entrance to the household so by using the shortest path to connect all the spheres to specific exit points to the point, I can create a circlulation route for all the household.

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